Rumor: New Zelda Game Revealed? Zelda: Odoru no Link


At E3 in 2008, Nintendo made several announcements.  One of them was a new ‘Zelda’ game but unfortunately no more details were released.  Today, rumored information has hit the web by way of a drawn graphic.  The game´s tentative title was revealed on the draft – The Legend of Zelda: Odoru no Link, which translates to The Legend of Zelda: Dancing Link.  It’s hard to elaborate on this especially since there is no more information.

“Saturday, March 7th: When you expect it least, it hits you that much harder. While attending a rather small press-conference in Tokyo, was able to get a first glimpse into what looks to be the next home-console Zelda-fame for Wii. There wasn´t any talk about the game, yet, instead Eiji Aonuma showed a rough draft of a character that appears to be Link, without his hat. Though nothing has been said, the game´s tentative title was revealed on said draft: The Legend of Zelda: Odoru no Link. Or in proper English: Dancing Link. We´re not sure yet what to think of this first appearance of the new Zelda-game, but the series hasn´t disappointed with past entries, so we´ll be keeping our readers up-to-date with all new information about this game. For now, take a look at the sketchy first draft of Odoru no Link.”

Until we see official word from Nintendo, we’re treating this one as a rumor.

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Really? You are really going to post this? Dancing Link? What a joke.

  2. @Foot Soldier
    Wow, the hostility, no reason for it.

  3. To whoever edited my post: Congratulations, now babylinda looks like a retard. I applaud you.

  4. Good God I hope this is a rumor; if not, Miyamoto has sold the integrity of Link for the sake of hardware and title sales.

    If true, Reggie has been talking up the ass all this time about how Nintendo takes all of it’s fans ideas and inputs seriously. If true, the gaming industry has officially seen the death of a once great title.

    R.I.P. Legend of Zelda

  5. umm, i know this is fake, ’cause this is pretty stupid…i think nintendo should make a darker zelda game with a more spread out world. (they tried with twilight princess but failed)

  6. i dont like the look of this!
    or the title!!
    wat that should do is go back to were the zelda game had a meaning!
    in orca of time for 64 and add some stuff like a title called the legend of zelda:war of zeldas sword make it new and old advencher,war,gaining alies,over the net to play with others, and also most inportent a tradeing network to trade armor weps and sutch!
    that would be an amazzing game thats wat i think eny way bye fer now

  7. If it’s true, maybe they’ll just use dances instead of Instruments, like Dance of Storms, or Epona’s Dance, and the rest of the game is an normal Zelda-adventure… that’d actully be fun… maybe.

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