Rumor: New Zelda Game Revealed? Zelda: Odoru no Link


At E3 in 2008, Nintendo made several announcements.  One of them was a new ‘Zelda’ game but unfortunately no more details were released.  Today, rumored information has hit the web by way of a drawn graphic.  The game´s tentative title was revealed on the draft – The Legend of Zelda: Odoru no Link, which translates to The Legend of Zelda: Dancing Link.  It’s hard to elaborate on this especially since there is no more information.

“Saturday, March 7th: When you expect it least, it hits you that much harder. While attending a rather small press-conference in Tokyo, was able to get a first glimpse into what looks to be the next home-console Zelda-fame for Wii. There wasn´t any talk about the game, yet, instead Eiji Aonuma showed a rough draft of a character that appears to be Link, without his hat. Though nothing has been said, the game´s tentative title was revealed on said draft: The Legend of Zelda: Odoru no Link. Or in proper English: Dancing Link. We´re not sure yet what to think of this first appearance of the new Zelda-game, but the series hasn´t disappointed with past entries, so we´ll be keeping our readers up-to-date with all new information about this game. For now, take a look at the sketchy first draft of Odoru no Link.”

Until we see official word from Nintendo, we’re treating this one as a rumor.

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