Nice Ride Son! Check Out The Zeldamobile Selling for $500 Beanies!


Where can you find a car for $500 nowadays? At a little town called Corvallis, Oregon that’s where! I am sure you will get all the ladies in this ride, do not forget to add hot rims, neon lights and disco ball! That will sure get the women flocking your way. Check you out with the wind in your cone hairstyle, looking all fly! Seriously though the price tag is great and all but I think this artistic masterpiece was wasted on a 1978 Ford Fairmont.

I really feel bad for the artist, she must have really tried to sell it every way possible and thought of this idea. If you still would want to buy it to show off and just have it sit in your garage, because I highly doubt it has any miles call Kathy at 503-312-1024.


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