Pac-Man turns the big 30!

Many musicians credit Chuck Berry as the single person that influenced their musical career. Johnny B Goode did wonders to spawn new musicians; Rolling Stones, Beatles, etc. On the video game front, many gamers consider Pac-man as the most important influence in their video game lives. Pac-Man helped bring video games out of the doldrums of video arcades and into the mainstream.  It is the most successful coin-op video game in history.

For me, Pac-man was the beginning. I have written about my first home video game console the Atari 400 in earlier articles. Alongside my first console, my parents included two stocking stuffers. One of the stocking stuffers was the following oversized box. (Back then, video games were housed in these enormous boxes, there was so much wasted space inside. Talk about living in excess!)

I believe my brothers and I went through about 10 joysticks in the first year of having Pac-Man in our home. We played the heck out of this game, it was just so addicting and didn’t require quarters!

I can remember playing the game while watching the Pac-Man Saturday morning cartoon and eating the cereal. All at the same time! As you can tell I was hooked and so was the rest of the world! Before Hulk-a-mania, there was Pac-Man fever!

Pac-Man will live in the hearts of gamers forever, thank you for pioneering video games into the success it is today!

If you haven’t played Pac-Man in some time, Google has included the game on their search engine home page as homage to our favorite old school arcade game!

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