4 responses to “Retro Review: King Arthur’s World (SNES)”

  1. mrjuandrful

    Nice review. I can honestly say I never heard of this game either but it resembles Faxanadu for the NES. I like the Old School Challenge addition. Some games like Mega Man were too difficult for their own good. Thumbs up from me!

  2. Arthur

    I used to play this game back in the day on my Super NES. I loved it so much that I wanted to download it on my Wii via the virtual console. To my surprise and utter dissapointment it is not offered in Vurtual Console. I’m very upset that the only way I can play this is to buy an original SNES and the game. Nintendo should get their act together and release this title on Virtual Console.

  3. Don

    My favorite game on SNES. No game like it currently; a Lemmings / strategic battle game.

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