Super Mario Bros. Cuban Style With Bacalao!

super mario bros1 595x10231 Super Mario Bros. Cuban Style With Bacalao!

It so happens that Cuban borders are now open thanks to Mr. Obama. What does that means to Cuban folk residing there?  Well, just now they have stumbled upon the video game world, thanks to Fidel shunning poor Cubans to all that is fun and holy. The first video gamed reviewed is Super. Mario Bros, by immigrant friend, Luigi Santa Rosa Bacalao. A good friend of Destructoid’s, I hope perhaps Perezstart can befriend him as one because A. He is freaking hilarious and B. The writers at Perezstart, incuding myself are of Cuban descent. If you know Spanish, awesome if you don’t sucks to  be you because the following clip is in Spanish! Check out the hilarious video after the jump!


pixel Super Mario Bros. Cuban Style With Bacalao!


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  1. Daniel Perez

    That sounds like every backyard BBQ that I’ve ever been to.

  2. babylinda

    @Daniel Perez
    Do the guys wear chef hats and no shirts also?

  3. mrjuandrful

    I hate to break it to you guys, but this guy is clearly Dominican acting Cuban.

    No REAL Cuban says what he says at the :30 second mark!

  4. babylinda


    Super MARIO?
    Haha, I kid I know without looking, Baina!I know, everyone wants to play us, we are awesome!

  5. mrjuandrful

    Babylinda, I 110% agree with everything you just wrote!!! lol

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