The Frogger King – Pat Laffaye

All this talk about records has us very excited here at First we meet Dr. Hank Chien who single-handedly overthrows Wiebe and Mitchell with his new Donkey Kong Record.  Then we had the pleasure to meet Pat Laffaye, who is the current world record holder in Frogger. In January 2010, Pat Laffaye surpassed the monumental Constanza record which was haunting him as the world record holder of Frogger. It took  around 5 hours of gut-wrenching work to achieve this feat, many in the gaming community did not think the record would ever fall. had a chance to sit down with Mr. Pat Laffaye at Richie Knucklez’s Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament in Flemington, NJ.

It has remained one of the most popular arcade games even well after the decline of the arcades. Those who played the game held it in very high regard. Even the television show Seinfeld devoted an episode to the game. Well into the first decade of the 21st century, the game has been referenced and parodied in pop culture across the various mediums. The game has become so recognizable that people who have never played or heard of Frogger are familiar with the idea of the game from seeing it referred to so often on television and other forms of entertainment.

I asked Mr. Laffaye, why Frogger..?

Laffaye: I was always just naturally gifted in Frogger. The game comes very natural to me. Ever since the game was introduced in 1981, I have always gravitated towards it. Any other versions of Frogger/variants that you enjoy?

Laffaye: I am not a big fan of any of the sequels that were released on home systems, however I  do enjoy the original version of Frogger which was targeted for the Japanese market.  The gameplay and music are a bit different but overall it is a very similar version of the US arcade. So you surpassed the “Constanza Score”, did George have any congratulatory thoughts for you.

Laffaye: He was anti-climatic in his response, This was Jason Alexander’s comment:

“Mazel Tov. You beat a fictional character with a fictional score. Give your parents back whatever they paid for your college,” he told Sphere. – Ouch, not the response I would’ve wanted but the record is much more appreciated in the gaming community. That score was surreal!

Laffaye: Thanks, I had planned to go for the record during the winter school break and I was able to accomplish it during the holidays. The strategy is similar to chess, you have to think a few moves ahead,” he said. “There’s one board that’s particularly tough, where if you don’t put your first frog in the top left corner, you are going to die. There are 13 ways to die in Frogger, The game can be extremely cruel.” – Well we at are excited about your accomplishments and we look forward to seeing you at future gaming events in the area. Pat also holds the world record for Paperboy as well. Best!

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2 responses to “The Frogger King – Pat Laffaye”

  1. Kezins says:

    This is honestly what I miss about old school gaming. I miss the days when I carried a Polaroid camera with me to prove high scores to friends, etc. I used to take pictures of the television at home when I’d reach an ultimate score as well. Gaming today isn’t as challenging, doesn’t bring out the competitive spirit and it feels like some things have been lost over the years. I want to take a trip to Japan one day to experience how arcades used to be. I never see the arcade culture coming back here, but I could be wrong.

  2. doubledown7 says:

    To quote a classic douche from the movie KING OF KONG.

    “We could have a possible Donkey Kong kill screen. Anyone who wants to see a Donkey Kong kill screen, go to the machine”

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