5 responses to “The Top 5 Atari 2600 Games”

  1. mrjuandrful

    Wow, great list man. If you would have offered me $1000 I still wouldn’t have guessed Pitfall Harry’s name.

    I would have added Superman to this list and got rid of River Raid. I was not a fan of flying games.

    Here’s my Top 5:
    5. Superman
    4. Jawbreaker
    3. Pitfall
    2. Kaboom!
    1. Ghostbusters

    Man, I need a top 10, I also liked G.I. Joe Cobra Strike and Dig Dug.

  2. Kezins

    I never even played Enduro. I actually still play River Raid once a week.

    My 5:

    5. Donkey Kong
    4. Empire Strikes Back
    3. Pitfall
    2. Yars Revenge
    1. River Raid

  3. Refugee


    I must of logged over 1000 hours playing Yars Revenge throughout my youth. I absolutely loved that game. After some careful thought I decided to exclude it from the list because of the poor graphics. It excelled in every other category though. My list had games that pretty much excelled in every category, game play, fun factor, graphics and repeatability. Activision games were just that much better. Glad you have River Raid up there and that you still play it once a week!


    Jawbreaker? was that a joke? LOL the rest were good picks, superman was a lot of fun to play. Kaboom was also a a great pick, loved that game but it needs more screens, gets boring after a while.

  4. Kezins

    You are right that the game had some poor graphics. I suppose I ranked it high because of the game’s addictive nature. River Raid has been an obsession of mine since it came out for some reason. Back in the day, I used to take polaroid pictures of my high scores.

  5. Shakeel

    I required attari 2600 aeroplane game if someone can arrange it for me i will be thak full to him/her

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