The Top 5 Nintendo Arcade Style Game Controllers


Game controllers then and now…. from game pads to paddles to light guns to joysticks, we have tried them all. However my favorite has always been the arcade style game controllers. It enhanced the gaming experience by bringing the arcade console controls to your home. The first real ASGC that I can remember was the NES advantage, but where did it make it on my list?

I present to you, the Top 5 Nintendo Arcade Style Game Controllers:

Name: The Wii Shaft
Company: Nintendo
Price: $ 39.95

These days, the arcade style controllers are still around and they look better than ever. The first one is called “the shaft” I am not sure if the designers were looking to insert some innuendo into the marketing of the product, however if that is the case, this is the smallest of the five featured in this article. It is a “wired” controller which took me by surprise since it is 2009 but the designers insist that wired is the best route for high intensity fighting games, etc.  It features a sleek design and turbo options as well.  It is compatible with all of the Virtual Console Games which is ideal for retro gamers like me.

SNES Advantage Controller4.
Name: SNES Advantage
Company: Nintendo
Price: $ 15 – $ 25

Much like it’s younger brother the NES Advantage, the SNES Advantage was just as cool, but had way more color.  The controller featured more buttons more bells and whistles and slide controls for Turbo options.  It didn’t follow the same layout that the basic controller followed (top, bottom, left, right) but was easy to control once you got used to it.

Name: Wii Arcade Fighting Stick
Company: Nintendo
Price: $ 99.95

The next ASGC is  available in the US as an import for the Far East, and has that old school look that would make the retro gamer salivate.  It is the Wii Arcade Fighting Stick and the layout replicates the classic arcade style. The controller can be plugged into your Wiimote for use.

Name: NEO GEO Arcade Stick
Company: NEO GEO
Price: $ 59

Ok now for all of the suave, cool and sophisticated “players” out there. Here is the ultimate in peripherals, it mixes class sophistication with a mix of classic gaming. Please draw your attention to the NEO GEO arcade stick for the Wii. Yes I said NEO GEO, the system that only our affluent friends could afford. Now is your chance to own a piece, (still can’t afford the system) of the Neo Geo experience. Therefore taking on Juggernaut in a fight will be much easier with this ASGC.

Name: NES Advantage
Company: Nintendo
Price: $ 49

And we’ve come to the number 1 spot in the NES Advantage.  This device was truely ahead of its time and made playing games like Zelda II much more fun. The unit featured variable turbo speed options and a slow motion option which helped me defeat the Link’s shadow boss at the end of the game without a scratch.

This wraps us my peripheral post, feel free to add your experiences with ASGC’s and how they enhanced your gaming experience!

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Readers Comments (23)

  1. I am sorry but I will not play anything called the wii shaft. Just sounds wrong.

  2. There was nothing like the NES Advantage. So that’s how millions of kids beat Zelda II. I thought Nintendo Power’s Call Center was a jip for $6.99 /minute.

  3. The NES Advantage was an awesome controller, although it would slice up your thighs pretty good if you happened to be playing them in your Oscar the Grouch underoos.

    I still wear those to this day. They might be a little snug, but it’s a great conversation starter!

  4. I’m loving the crusty-looking MK Arcade
    cabinet pic.

  5. My blur tool did not do it’s job then 😉

  6. If I only had that controller, then maybe I could have beat Dark Link. Sons of bitches.

  7. The only problem I had with the NES advantage was that you had to place the controller on a flat surface. It was quite of a handful if you were playing “in air”. Did anyone have any homemade solutions to that ASGC issue? I think my brothers put suction cups on the bottom of the advantage…oddballs!!

  8. Using a low table would have been the smart thing to do. Which would have made an inexpensive but efficient arcade cabinet 🙂

  9. The NES Advantage was awesome. That thing made you devastating in RING KING.

  10. Dennis :

    The NES Advantage was awesome. That thing made you devastating in RING KING.

    RING KING Best Boxing game on the NES hands down!

  11. @mrjuandrful
    C’mon man. As much as I respect Ring King, you dare put it over Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. And yes, I only play the Mike Tyson version because beating the crap out of Mike Tyson is better than beating someone named “Mr. Dream”

  12. @Daniel Perez
    I said hands down, not gloves down 😉

    Ok, ok, 2nd best 🙂 Jeez

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  15. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  16. I think Nintendo is much better than Playstation

  17. @Free Games
    thank you for the kind words…my writings are targeted for a certain niche audience. Thanks again for your interest….

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  19. @r4 ds games
    sure, please feel free to email us the article and we would be happy to post it.

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