Think Geek’s 8-Bit Dynamic Shirt!


Ok , Ok I know what you are thinking but Babylinda it is already Valentine’s day there is no way I can get this awesome shirt to my honey on time!

Well,my little ones that is where  I got you covered! Perhaps this is “stuck” in the mail and will be “arriving” shortly?  Then you surely will be saved without having a present and just some candy for now! If not why not save this shirt for your anniversary or her birthday to show her how much you love her and cannot stay one inch away from her!

Why is this shirt so amazingly awesome? Well my friends , because it is for the geek lover in you! There are hearts displayed on the shirts, you get one for you and one for your honey. The closer in distance you are from your loved one , the more hearts light up on the shirt and of course the further you are from him and her the  lights begin to dim. Where would you wear this I do not know but you sure will be a brave warrior to wear this with her around town, in the mall, or your local ice cream shoppe! Show the whole world how much you love your babe and are not afraid to show it! Come on you can do it! Yes we can!


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