Top 5 old school games you LOVED, but were ashamed to admit

Okay, we can all admit we loved the Castlevanias, Metroids and the Ninja Gaidens. These were great all around games with a great theme, action, great storylines and excellent gameplay. However, there were a few great that had all of the aforementioned qualities minus the great theme. Does lacking a great theme disqualify a game from being great? I don’t think so, I just think that one would play the heck out of it, but just never tell anyone about it. These are my top 5 games I loved but was ashamed to admit it!

Little Nemo: The Dreamaster (NES) 1992

This game was loads of fun, with superb graphics, classic Capcom game control and plenty of imagination. Many people wouldn’t like to admit they were playing a game which included journeying into slumberland with a boy wearing pajamas, but I overlooked that.

“The game revolves around a small boy in his own surreal dreams as he journeys to Slumberland. Nemo can ride certain animals such as a frog, gorilla, or a mole, by feeding them candy. Each animal has its own skills needed to complete each level. The purpose of the game is to travel to the Nightmare land to rescue Morpheus, the king of Slumberland, from the clutches of the evil Nightmare King.”

4. Duck Tales (NES) 1989

How much fun was this game? I didn’t really care much for the animated series of duck tales so I tended to balk at buying the game. In this Scrooge Mc Duck traveled around the world to become the world’s richest duck.  Pathetic right? That’s what I was saying..
However, Nintendo Power was my source back then, (This was before of course) and they had a plethora of information about this game. I decided to take a chance and was pleased with the game overall. Graphics were above normal for the time, gameplay was again Classic Capcom, music was excellent and I loved attacking  enemies with Scrooge’s cane.

3. Chip and Dales: Rescue Rangers (NES) 1990

Chip and Dale (The Alvin and the Chipmunk wanna bes), I couldn’t stand them, from their corny title songs to their annoying squeeky voices, they were intolerable. However the game Nintendo released was ground breaking. As tiny chipmunks, you played Chip or Dale and had to navigate through an new and interesting perspective.The levels in Chip N’ Dale ranged from libraries, to forests, to sewers. Playing as a small chipmunk, you would see the world as much larger, it gave the game a “micro-machine” perspective. You can also play a two player cooperative mode, not many games boasted this feature in 1990.

2. Yoshi’s cookie – (NES) 1993

In 1985, Alexey Pajitnov invented the puzzle game of Tetris and it took the world by storm. We played it in the arcade, at home and our our Gameboys. This brought the puzzle genre to the forefront of video games and it also introduced spin offs. Dr. Mario followed a few years later and was a great sucess. Alexey collaborated with Nintendo and helped create Yoshi’s cookie for the SNES.  I must say it wasn’t as good as Dr. Mario, but it was still a great game. many people actually told their friends, hey I just played 5 hours of “yoshi’s cookie” today? I know I kept this a secret, did you?

1. Michael Jackson Moonwalker (SEGA) 1990

Michael Jackson Moonwalker! The Developers must have been part time jokers with this one! Your mission follows Michael, using various music and dance related abilities, on a quest to save kidnapped children from the hands of the evil “Mr. Big” Kidnapped children? You can’t make this stuff up!  It gets even better…

“A sequel was planned, but after child molestation accusations were made against Michael Jackson, Sega halted these plans. In an issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, an article by Seanbaby named Moonwalker as the third worst idea for a video game, however he admitted that “It wasn’t that bad of a game” in the same blurb, owing more of Moonwalker’s supposed infamy to its premise rather than poor gameplay. In the June 2007 issue of Game Informer magazine, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker was number 8 on the “Top 10 Worst Licensed Game Ideas (ever)” in the Connect section but Gamespot added Moonwalker into the Hall of Greatest Games of all time.”

I have to agree with the paragraph above, it was a horrid idea licensing wise, but the actual game  was very very good. Great gameplay, very good music and it was fun to play. Let me know what you think of my list and please comment on any other games that could be considered for the list!

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