Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

We have seen great old school remakes or sequels lately from classic titles. We’ve seen Bionic Commando, 1942, Rygar, and Street Fighter impact this new generation of gamers thanks to developers reviving them.  Punchout and A Boy and his Blob will also be out soon.  However where are the forgotten games that we loved from the 80′s. This article will revisit some “forgotten greats” and through this avenue we hope to open the eyes of game developers looking to rekindle some old flames.

5. Karate Kid (NES) – 1987

250px Pat Morita (Karate Kid) Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

YES! The great late Pat Morita, what a great actor, we really loved him in the movie.   Especially when he would flight and defeat enemies effortlessly.  I didn’t pick this game because I have been told I look like Ralph Macchio, it really has been a forgotten great from the NES.

I read mixed reviews for this game online but this is my article and I say its a great. The game featured tournament mode in which Daniel-San has to defeat the cobra-kai and others using punches, kicks and our all-time favorite the crane kick.  I must say , the film to game accuracy is very good in this game. Ice breaking stage, fly catching stage, tournament, Okinawa and the typhoon to mention a few.

Why it should be re-made – With today’s graphics and computing power, one can make an argument that this would be a good idea on the Wii.  Imagine trying to catch a fly with chopsticks using wii-motes? Ok, this might be a odd proposal but that’s why this one is at the bottom of the list at #5.

karate kid the nes screenshot4jpg Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

4. Golgo 13 Top Secret Episode (NES) – 1988

Golgo 13   NES game (cover art) Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

This was a very good game ahead of its time back in the 80′s. Golgo 13 was based from a  popular Japanese cartoon. The game was one of the first to push the envelope of censorship. It featured mild sexual innuendo as seen in the graphic below. (She has nice legs for an 8-bit gal) Furthermore, blood trickled down the face’s of enemies when hurt.  Most NES games were not permitted to include such gore… LOL

The main character (Golgo 13) is an assassin hired to defeat the DREK Group = resurrected Nazi Germany. The main sections of the game are played in East Berlin and the player interacts with the CIA and KGB. Nintendo removed the Nazi name due to censorship but they left a few swastika’s on classified documents of the player. The main boss is a cyborg version of Hitler…

Why it should be re-made – I think Golgo 13 has the knack to be a great modern game. With its James Bondish similarities, controversial subject matter, (resurrected Nazi Germany) and potential sexual innuendo, it is sure turn some heads.

Golgo 13   ss 3 Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

3. StarTropics (NES) – 1990

256px startropics box Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

Why do adventure games have to be so…medieval all the time.   Adventure games are mostly the same genre, slaying dragons, collecting special armor and learning spells. This game took the adventure genre and gave it a fun twist. In the game, you are 15 year old Mike and you visit C-Island to see your Uncle Dr. Jones.   Your Uncle gets abducted by aliens and you have a yo-yo and 8 levels to discover.
Maybe they can infuse the fun immersible paper element that the Startropics added to the experience. I remember going to the backyard during wintertime with my brothers to look for the hidden code needed to advance to the next level. The special paper was included in the bundle with the manual and we didn’t realize the significance, until it was discarded. We had to search through our garbage for a while until we found the sheet, wet the page and then use the code in the game. That was the first time any game hid any codes on a sheet of paper and the last time I would search through my dinner and breakfast leftovers. YUCK!

Why it should be re-made – I think the StarTropics name should be revived into a modern version.  The game has a cult following and new players would also enjoy the fun aspect of this adventure game. Again all adventure games shouldn’t be about swords and dragons..this is a classic example…
StartropicsMaxie Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

2. The Battle of Olympus (NES) – 1989

Battle of olympus Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

This game was an all time favorite. I had a chance to learn about Greek Mythology, learn the famous cities of Greece and get to slay Medusa all at the same time. The game had a Zelda II feel but had so much more and was incredibly addicting.  The game started out pretty easy however the difficulty level increases pretty rapidly, up to the point of almost being impossible in the end. This game was so overlooked and extremely under-rated.

Why it should be re-made -  Another game with a cult-following, I believe it would do very well ported to the systems of today. It can be an edutainment like game without players even knowing it! I believe this game would sell very well…Nintendo- put it on the Wii!

gfs 39470 1 1 Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

1. Rolling Thunder (NES) – 1989

Rolling Thunder game flyer Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

Armed with a handgun and a limited supply of bullets, you are an agent out to rescue a beautiful woman. Very cliche!

Conserving bullets is key, if not you are forced to fire a single chaser-bullet.  You can earn the machine gun which annihilates the Maskers. The Maskers are distinguished by different hooded colors which dictate their skill level. Some might throw a punk, shoot at you or some jump and throw bombs! The neatest aspect is the fact that you can enter doors and hide from the enemies. Specially marked doors even recharge your ammo.

Why it should be re-made – This game would be such a hit if it was released today. From Maskers to the soundtrack to the beautiful woman one has to save at conclusion, it has mega-hit written all over it!

na1 Top 5 NES Remake Requests!

pixel Top 5 NES Remake Requests!


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  1. Kezins

    not a bad list, but I don’t think there would be much demand for a Karate Kid remake. People in their mid-30s would probably love it, but I don’t see widespread appeal. Other than that game, the others are good choices.

  2. mrjuandrful

    Great list. I’m one who also believes Karate Kid was a great NES game. Didn’t they combine Karate Kid II & III into one cartridge. Just like the movies, part 1 was the best game.

    Funny Star Tropics story. Who would’ve known that water and not used cooking oil would disintegrate the game manual. hmm weird, lol

  3. Refugee

    Yes, Karate Kid does have an appeal to 30 somethings…but with a possible remake in the works..
    starring Jaden Smith, we can say that it will garner widespread appeal.
    Jackie Chan is slated to be the next Mr. Miyagi…get your chopsticks and Bonsai Trees ready! BONSAI!!!!!!!!!!

  4. babylinda

    Sorry guys, I played none of these!

  5. Kezins

    hmmm.. that’s interesting. I hope the remake isn’t like Karate Kid 3 or The Next Karate Kid lol.

  6. Junk

    OK so Golgo 13 NEEDS to be remade. Have you seen the movies? I didn’t even know that NES had Rolling Thunder out. I have spent many a saturday morning at Silver Ball or Big Mouth playing this game. Any of these games remade today would be huge hits because of the advance in technology and graphics. I’ll buy em all!

  7. mrjuandrful

    Refugee :

    Yes, Karate Kid does have an appeal to 30 somethings…but with a possible remake in the works..
    starring Jaden Smith, we can say that it will garner widespread appeal.
    Jackie Chan is slated to be the next Mr. Miyagi…get your chopsticks and Bonsai Trees ready! BONSAI!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, great prediction. Just saw the trailer and I almost wish Hillary Swank was filling in for The Next Karate Kid II. That disgrace of a movie should have never been made. Leaving it at part 3 was fine by me. But nooooo. That film was pure garbage!

    I’d vote for Startropics Wii.

  8. refugee

    Karate Kid with Jaden Smith is coming out tomorrow, where is the new video game release of this??? Grrrrr

  9. Light_Angel

    I want a next-gen remakes of:
    1) The Battle of Olympus
    2) Zelda Collection (1-2)
    3) Castlevania Collection (episodes 1-2-3)
    4) Wizards & Warriors Collection (1-2-3)
    5) Faxanadu

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