Up, up, down, down… Contra Rebirth Heading to a Wii Near You… in Japan


Fans of the retro style 2D Contra will rejoice with this incredible news. “Contra Rebirth” will be reborn and made available through the Nintendo Wiiware… but only in Japan… for now. On May 12th for 1000 Wii Points, Contra Rebirth (In Japan)will feature the side-scrolling action title where shooting and jumping was the golden era of gaming.

Classic NES titles such as, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, Contra and DuckTales MegaMan have paved the way from the older 8-bit consoles, to the next-gen consoles we use today.  With this release Contra, Bionic Commando & MegaMan have reemrged from the retro coffins and prove that “WE The Gamers” appreciate and demand classic 2D style games.  And while Punch-Out!!’s release on the Wii is highly anticipated, they too have listened to “We The Gamers” by incorporating the NES controlls as an option to the Wii-mote’s.

Q.   If my brothers were playing, complete the rest of the Contra code for 25 guys? (Answer in comments)


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