[UPDATE] – Play Sierra Games in your Web Browser of Choice, FREE

sierra2Have you heard of Sierra?  Would you like to play Sierra  Games now?  Ok, good 2 for 2.  Then this site will be a link in your bookmarks.  The site is called Sarien.net and they make Sierra games playable… again.  The games are played through Flash in your browser.  Currently, they have 5 Sierra Adventure titles that include; Police Quest 1, Space Quest 1 and 2, The Black Cauldron and Leisure Suit Larry in The Land of the Lounge Lizards (typing cramp from that title).  More titles will be released during the week.

lslWhat’s cool about Sarien.net is not the instant gaming access you’ll get but the gameplay itself is worth mentioning.  After playing Police Quest 1, there’s something that kept me playing.  It was the nostalgic graphics and the inclusion of a mouse that made navigating easier.  You also have the ability to type your entries by way of text-command line.  They’ve also included online multiplayer, so you’ll be able to see others play while you play or just follow them (creep).  Is that a Sierra Paradox?

iPhones and Wii’s will also benefit as they too can play through those browsers as well.

Supported browsers include:

  • Firefox 2 and up
  • Internet Explorer 6 and up
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera


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  1. ….WHY WOULD YOU POST THIS?? There is no WAY I’m getting anything accomplished today.

  2. @Daniel Perez No you have to win some bread today! Resist, resist!

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