Warp Zone Socks: For The Mario Lover In You!


You know, people are always teasing me because I do not have many girly socks. You know the ones with the little rainbows, hearts or snowmen. I basically wear hanes most of the time and to be honest I bought a few pair of valentine and snowflake socks at the dollar store and that is pretty much it. I have been said to have a hole in my sock or two but that is another story! Now these socks I definitely will purchase and will gladly lift up my pant leg for the world to see.

To be honest fancy socks are such a waste to me!  Unless it is business time and you have business socks on. Otherwise sometimes they are $7 a pair and they are not worth it! These socks though are unique and bad ass and would make a great stocking stuffer come Christmas. So if you are a hardcore Mario fan like me, you would rock these socks with pride. I probably would accessorize them with my This is Why I’m hot Mario tee. These retr0- esque socks run for $12 each so make sure you wear them a few days in a row to make the most out of them!


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