World Record Weekend at Richie Knucklez took a ride down to Flemington, NJ for Richie Knucklez’s World Record Weekend this past weekend.. Where top players from all over the world, (and we do mean the World) met up to compete for the top spot of their respective games.

Of course as gaming fans ourselves, we took advantage of the great selection of Classic Games that Richie has to offer. Our EIC and his wife (Juan and Melissa Perez) were fascinated by the Tapper machine. Tapper is an excellent game, but even better when you play it on an actual arcade machine because of its unique controls.

I made my way around the arcade and played a few all time favorites. From Qbert, to Ms. Pacman to Punchout and Galaga. Ritchie’s collection was new and fresh from our last visit a few months ago. He had a new Championship Sprint game that I spent some time on.

I made my way around one of my favorite classic games, Mat Mania.  I squeaked by the Insane Warrior and succumbed to the second challenger, Karate Fighter. In the background, I was being observed by another player..but by whom?

As I moved away from the machine, this new player took over the controls and the rest was History. He destroyed each opponent with a barrage of shoulder blocks, kicks, punches, irish whips and death splashes off the top turnbuckles. He demolished every opponent until he admitted that he was going to stop because it would go on forever. WOW!!!

Little did I know, the Twin Galaxy World Champion of Mr. Do, Mr. Jimmy Linderman was the player. What an amazing player, he was so precise in every movement, he really is a player worth watching. He set his record on Mr. Do back on September 21-22, 2008. Jimmy compiled a score of 30,075,000 which took an outstanding 18 hours to complete!

Watch out for Jimmy, he has many more world records to break!

We also had a chance to see Hank Chein break the 900k mark on Donkey Kong. Hank is a phenomenal player who is eying the world record himself.  I am predicting that he will break a million and break the world record in a few months.  His dedication, discipline and execution are outstanding. He also performs pretty well under pressure which is key to being a world champion! We are all on Hank watch!

We also had a chance to speak to Mr. Pat Laffaye who just recently broke the record in Constanza’s favorite game, “Frogger” Pat scored an amazing 771,060 on Frogger on June 28, 2009 in Richie Knucklez’s arcade!

Overall a video game star studded experience that we all enjoyed! Not to mention we all received a complimentary limited edition bottle of Billy Mitchel hot sauce! Talk about excellent parting gifts!!!

If you are a video game buff, you have to seriously consider owning an actual video arcade game for your home. Nothing beats playing on an actual classic machine. Richie’s unit are impeccable and priced to move!  All of his units boast classic “knucklez” control! Pinpoint accuracy and control are what separates Richie’s machine from the rest! Please visit his website for more information… make sure and tell him Perezstart sent ya!

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6 responses to “World Record Weekend at Richie Knucklez”

  1. mzitt11 says:

    That was an awesome time, seriously we need to go again so I can re-gain my tapper title from Mrjuandrful!

  2. jimmy linderman says:

    Hello, thanks for the post but a couple of thing ned to be corrected:

    I did the Mr. Do on Sept 20-21 2008 and Hank’s last name is Chien.

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  6. RONALDO says:

    Olá amigos,

    Comecei a jogar MR.DO em 1985 nos fliperamas aqui de São Paulo e em 1 ano consegui fazer meu primeiro Milhão com 60 telas. Sempre jogo nas máquinas de Arcade Multi-jogos e acredito que consigo bater o recorde de 30.000.000 porém não sei se em 18 horas pois normalmente faço 1 milhão a cada 40 minutos. Parabéns ao recordista Mundial, e esse jogo é lindo, e exige muita inteligência. ABraços !!!!

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