Worm + Guitar = Earthworm Jim Hero, Happy Earth Day!

earthwormjimHappy Earth Day and Thanks to SEGA!  In celebration of today’s festive event, we present to you, our reader, with a pic of our favorite Earth Day gaming character ever, Earthworm Jim.  This character enriches our soil and fights against other insects that harm our fertile land.  What a better way to say “Thank You” than to take out your SEGA Megadrive/Genesis emulator (smog free) and fire up a good game of Earthworm Jim! The game was developed by Shiny Entertainment, released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1994, and subsequently ported to the SNES, Game Boy, Game Gear, Sega Master System, and years later, the Game Boy Advance.

Thank you SEGA!  You gave us Sonic to rule the land and Earthworm Jim to conquer the Earth!

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3 responses to “Worm + Guitar = Earthworm Jim Hero, Happy Earth Day!”

  1. babylinda says:

    awww , ain’t he a cute lil fellah!

  2. Branden says:

    awwweee.. I thought you were going to say something about a new Earthworm Jim coming out or Earthworm Jim coming to XBLA or PSN. Oh well.. maybe someday?

  3. Mike Licht says:

    Earth Day 2009: our long global cow flatulence nightmare is over.



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