XBLA Classic Game of the Week: Tapper, 1983

Released by:  Bally/Midway
Year: 1983

I remember visiting an arcade in the early 80’s and seeing Tapper first hand. I didn’t know much about bars or Budweiser at the time, nor did it really matter. I remember being impressed with the graphics at the time and the feel of the game.

The game consisted of a bartender, filling mugs full of beer and delivering them to thirsty patrons by sliding the mug down the bar. Reminds me of that scene in Back to the Future, when George McFly asks for a milkshake, “Chocolate”

Anyhow, back to the game, It starts off easy enough, with just a few, slow-moving patrons. You move up and down between the four different bars, filling mugs of beer and sliding them down the counter as patrons enter. You’ll occasionally run down the bars to pick up tips or to grab empty mugs being slid back your way, since a mug that’s allowed to slide off the end of the bar and break will cost you a life. Unattended patrons will slowly make their way down the bar, and if they’re able to get all the way to the end without being served, they’ll grab you by your freshly starched collar and slide you along the bar, right out the door.

The game is available on Xbox live as Root Beer Tapper, which substitutes the bartender with a soda jerk serving root beer instead of beer. The Budweiser endorsement is also absent to make the game more kid friendly. The emulation is true to the arcade and they also added an online mode to challenge a friend.

Here at PerezStart.com we like to emphasize underappreciated arcade classics. We all love the Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. and Qbert’s of the world. But why doesn’t Steve Wiebe take on the world record in Tapper? Currently, Michael Przybocki has the current record for fastest time to beat five boards on Tapper with a time of 1’20″43.


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  1. Were the 4 counter tops larger as you worked your way down or was it an illusion of you getting nearer? Funny, I don’t remember the the bartender getting any smaller as he attended to the lushes in the back row.

    Back to the Future also featured a “Tapper-like” game.

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