iPad Review: Case-Mate Barely There Case


When Apple designed the iPad 2 they had several designs in mind. Most importantly was keeping the tablet as thin and light as possible. Case-Mate kept those two their top priority for their Barely There Case as well and it shows.

Attaching the case was cinch. I found that lining up the volume controls side first allowed the case to wrap around the back and helped the opposite side fit snugly. The non-slip grip is also great for the traveller. The back is protected while in your bag. Placing down the iPad 2 on top of a table without sliding around helps this case stand out from others.

I found all the holes lined up perfectly; from the camera on the rear to the speaker and microphones on the sides. A few drawbacks from this case prevent it from being the answer for everyone’s needs. For example, the corners are exposed. I feel that most owners fear the day their iPad 2’s corner dents. Unfortunately you won’t get that protection from the Barely There.

Another issue I had was the lack of comparability with Apple’s Smart Cover. Future generations will allow both to coincide, but for now it’s either or. I tried but the magnets were not strong enough to attach itself through the Barely There Case. I wanted to accompany my Zagg screen protector which it did — and was great — but the Case-Mate wasn’t friendly with the Zagg rear protector. It prevented the Barely There cover from snapping in place. Understandable since it would become a redundant cover, but I’d just like to mention how snug the Barely There cover is to the iPad 2.

I thought the black plastic was a very sleek design with hints of green making up the logo on back. Careful with smudges since fingerprints can be noticeable but don’t sweat it, the case can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The Barely There case is very light and flexible mostly for adjusting the installation and quick removal. Pry the corners and it’ll pop right off… in case you miss the Apple logo for whatever reason.

Final Thought: if your looking for a great backing for your iPad 2, this case is a good choice. However, the front of the iPad is still susceptible to scratches without a front cover. It’s a shame this version does not allow the smart cover to work in conjunction but it’s future version will.

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