iPad Review: Flick Football

Flick Football

If you are from the US, you may be asking why a game called Flick Football features a soccer ball and a goalie.  Well it’s time to wake up.  We’re the only country that calls “Football” the game with the pigskin and men with helmets.  Football Internationally is known as soccer.  And Flick Football for the iPad does the sport justice with great representation of a fun ‘flick game.  Did I mention it’s my favorite, simple iPad game yet?  Well, I just did!

The premise of the game is very simple.  Free-kick (free-flick) the soccer ball into the goal, but here’s the challenge.  The placement of your kick must be precise since you’ll have obstacles in your way.  A goalie standing in front of the net is your first.  As you progress throughout the game, you have other players standing in front of the net preventing you from getting a clean shot off.


There are three modes in Flick Football; “The big game” 3 balls shooting for points, “vs the clock” time based and “sudden death” 1 ball, miss and it’s game over.  The big game is my favorite.  Your given three balls (similar to three lives).  If you kick the ball successfully inside the net, you’ll be awarded points based on the location of the kick.  If you miss a flick or your shot is blocked by the goalie, you will lose a ball.  Hitting a purple soccer ball icon within the net will gain you a ball back (extra life), with a max of 3 balls.  Hit a red marker and you’ll shoot a penalty kick.  You’ll also want to hit certain point markers for a higher score.  Consecutive soccer balls flicked in will result in a multiplier, but with a max of 10X.

Kicking around the players is the key to success.  You’ll want to aim for the spots with point markers but avoid being blocked.  As many as five players will stand in front of you, deterring you from kicking the ball straight.  Shoot around them using a parentheses shape.  The bigger the loop and the harder the swoop, the more english you’ll see on the ball.

The announcer within Flick Football is very entertaining as well… within reason.  If you hit a perfect score of 100 points he’ll scream with excitement!  Pretty funny, but can get annoying very quick too.  After you score a goal you can tap the screen to bypass him, or mute will do wonders.

For a Free iTunes App this is a MUST OWN!  Thanks Neon Play!


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