iPad Review: Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder HD

iFun4All’s “worst game ever” tower defense game, Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder HD has made it’s way to the iPad. If you’re still reading then iFun4All has done their part to gain your attention. Their intention was to hype up Paper Wars with negative publicity and I’m not sure if it paid off. Paper Wars is a tower defense game filled with amateur paper cut out graphics and screeching bad audio. Worst of all, it’s pretty fun.


You are equipped with… well… a cannon. Waves of soldiers moving from right to left try to make it off screen as you unload cannon balls and missiles in their direction. You are given a minimum amount of soldiers that can pass, but once you exceed that amount “Game Over”.

The game was converted as an iPad game but I experienced some issues with gameplay. Holding your finger on the screen and waiting for your cannon meter to fill up caused a “finger obstruction”. I’m a righty so my entire hand covered the soldiers from my view and I found myself always behind because of it.

However, I found fun in the app. Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder HD has been on other consoles including the PSN and iPhone. But the iPad version was cool enough to keep playing.

Features for Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder include:

— Over 80 levels and three survival modes!

— Completely new and revamped campaign (three in total)

— Full OpenFeint integration, including over 50 achievements, full leaderboard support, top scores and game tracking

— 15 different enemy types, 24 power-ups and 252 medals to earn!

— Powerful statistics system to keep track of all your actions and accomplishments!

— Spiritual sequel to Crap of Defense, one of 2010’s highest rated and most original apps

— Various play modes provide hours of fun for even the most hardcore tower defense junkie

— A unique and original art style unlike anything else

Final Thought: Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder HD is a fun game for the iPad. I’m not sure it’s the Angry Bird killer it self proclaimed but it’s a good time. I enjoyed the grittiness and the scratchy record music. Overall fun game produced by ifun4all for $1.99 at the app store.


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