iPad Review: Stuckbuddy

Small, portable and has great suction… The Stuckbuddy.  Sometimes the most simplistic designs are the most versatile and that’s describing the Stuckbuddy to a “T”.  But can an ingenuis piece of ruber withstand the weight and height of an iPad 2?

We’re using the Stuckbuddy on our iPad and it works.  Although one Stuckbuddy for such a large surface device can be at times a bit peculiar it still works.  I found that centering the Stuckbuddy above the Apple logo (on the back) uses the bottom of the iPad for leverage.  Stick with landscape mode since portrait mode with the Stuckbuddy was a bit jumpy.  The Stuckbuddy is meant more for use on a stable device like a table and not your lap.  If you’re into swiveling your device, you’ll have to adjust the Stuckbuddy.

Re-placing the Stuckbuddy was a cinch.  With most suction devices a release tab allows for easy removal, although I tend to use my finger nail and pry the suction off.  It’s made of solid black rubber which I could not get to scuff on my iPad, yes, I tried!  And traveling with it was easy.  Just pop it off and put in your pocket.  Note to self, front pocket.


Mobilefun is running a promotion on these little guys.  With any order, type in the word BUDDY in the rebate code section at the checkout to get a free Stuckbuddy!

I’m a fan of universal products and the Stuckbuddy can also be used to hang keys.  They advertise using it to carry boxes etc. but please don’t be the guy who uses it to swing around your $600 iPad 2.  It’s like that krazy glue commercial with the construction worker hanging from his helmet stuck to an I beam.  We get the strength, but is the risk necessary.  Now if I can get it to pull out that dent on my bumper…

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