Review: Belkin Slim Folio iPad 3 Case

When we looked for an iPad 3 cover, we were interested in protecting the front, back and most imprtantly the corners.  Our wish came true with Belkin’s latest iPad cover case called, the Slim Folio.  I was getting used to carrying my iPad 3 without a case, but then the unfortunate thing happened, my iPad 3 was fell from my couch onto my hardwood floor… on the iPad’s corner.  What I expected came true, a small dent but luckily no damage to the iPad.  Soon after came the Slim Folio and I have the upmost confidence in Belkin;s iPad 3 covers especially when they protect all the major acciedent prone areas on an iPad.

The Screen – Belkin’s Slim Folio is lined on the inside with soft suede all while protecting the glass while your iPad 3 is on the go.  The magnetic clasp also means you don’t have to worry about the iPad cover sliding open.  While the case is open, you can bend the clasp backwards to keep out of view.

The Corners – Installing the iPad 3 into the Slim Folio is a breeze.  The corners have rubber inserts that allow the iPad to wedge itself in the corners backed by hard plastic.  Creating a somewhat shock absorber, the iPad is cradled very well withing the four corners and if needed can be popped out with ease.

The Holes – Camera hole in the back means you don’t have to remove the iPad for those awkward looking iPad 3 photos / videos, lol.  The sides are open as so is the volume rocker.  Charging your iPad or connecting a headset to it can be done with the cover on or off.

The Angles – My favorite part of the Slim Folio are the multiple viewing angles.  I’ve angled the case while laying down on the couch on my chest to directly in front of my on a desk.  All the slots and the suede lined inside sleeve create a grip for the iPad to be viewed at almost any angle.

Bottom Line – If you’re looking for a new, sleek looking case for your iPad cover, I’m sure the Slim Folio is a case you won’t be disappointed with.  Corners protected and mutiple angles are an iPad 3 cover must.

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