Review: Samsung YA-SBR510 Bluetooth Speaker System

The Samsung YA-SBR510 Bluetooth Speaker System was one of the quickest setups I’ve ever performed with an additional sound source. Connecting using Bluetooth technology, the days of fumbling around looking for speaker cables are gone. I literally plugged it in, put the SBR is pairing mode by hold the power icon and enterred “0000” onto my iPad 2 and iPhone. It doesn’t get easier. When I first received the Samsung YA-SBR510, I was impressed with the design and sleekness of the speaker system. Samsung decided to go with a touchpanel operating the device and for pairing it via Bluetooth staying with the flow of the unit and avoiding the bulkiness of protruding buttons.

Design. The SBR is well built with a wide base that narrows towards the top. Keeping the weight centered, this design avoids the accidental bumps and will never tip over. The 3 channel surround speakers are covered with a design mesh that really adds a touch of class to the speakers.  The front and back are covered in shiny black plastic and clean easily with a wet rag.

Outputs. Along with the ease of connecting to the Samsung YA-SBR510 via Bluetooth, I was surprised to find a USB port, analog and optical out. The bluetooth connection is really too easy that my grandparents were able to perform. With many of my freinds and family owning bluetooth capable devices, swapping out another persons playlist now enhanced our music library. The flexibility to enjoy listening to music through different means was a huge plus for me, especially a gatherings.

Sound. The volume is great enough for outdoor parties. With 30 watts of power, I used mine to host a BBQ and it was producing enough sound that my guests asked me to lower the volume during dinner. The sound is crisp and clear with only a slight complaint towards the bass. While I would have liked more, I don’t believe others noticed. If you can, go with the optical for best sound.

Front panel. Here is where the power button, volume and output info exist. You pair the device by holding the Power button down until it blinks, then pair it up with your device. That’s it! If you prefer to use the audio cable provided, that would be another option for most devices and it will show you on the front panel by what method you are outputting audio. There’s also a soothing blue glow right beneath the Samsung Logo. In a dark room, it added another atheisticly pleasing listening experience.

Motion Sensor.  Located at the front of the speaker is a motion detector which will wake up the device when idle and automatically connect to a nearby device and begin playing music.  Be sure you understand it will automatically pair if you’ve paired your device before.  I walked past the speakers with my iPad and was amazed to know he audio was picked up instantly.

Here’s what’s included with the SBR:

  • The worlds first hyper 3 channel surround speaker – boasting 3 speakers for a brilliant surround sound experience
  • Integration motion sensor conserves power by activating the speakers when it detects movement
  • Listen to your music wirelessly via bluetooth
  • Built in USB and 3.5mm aux points making the speaker compatible with all modern phones, MP3 players and even your TV
  • 30 watts of power offering a great sound experience
  • Auto pairing so you don’t need to keep pairing your bluetooth device with you speakers when you enter the room
  • Includes a slim line infa-red remote control

Final Thought: My experience with the Samsung YA-SBR510 has been fantastic.  From ease of setup to quality sound this bluetooth unit is among the best out there.  While this system is the ideal solution some will find the unit’s bass to be lacking.  But overall, this speaker solution will please most and should be considered when making your Bluetooth speaker purchase.

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