ConnectiCon 2013: Zpocalypse

This year at ConnectiCon they separated the gaming and dealers room. The spaces were bigger and just easier to walk around in. I checked out the games they had and the new games that they were debuting this year at Connecticon. One of the new games making its debut at ConnectiCon was ZpocalypseZpocalypse is game that has players working together, gathering supplies, fortifying defenses. Of course to win you have to take out your fellow survivalist. The other cool thing was that there is now a expansion pack available that allowed another player to play the Zombie boss that controlled other zombies and attacked other players. I was able to sit down with Zpocalypse creator Jeff Gracia, who created this because he couldn’t find a zombie game that had what he felt it should have.The game was a true labor of love for the genre. Started out as just a personal project that he would just play at home with his friends, but with encouragement of his wife, it grew into something bigger. And with KickStarter added to the mix, it continues to grow with the love and support of the fans and donations on kickstarter.



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