NBA Jam Stars Obama and Biden, There’s Your Change

Obama NBA Jam

Remember the good ole days when President Bill Clinton and Vice Al Gore graced NBA Jam?  Well the current Pres and Vice will be playable characters this time as well.  Not sure if you’ll have to unlock them but they’re a tandem to be reckoned with and for now only on the Wii.  LeBron James and Chris Bosh don’t know what they’re in for but they know it will consist of some “Change” of pace.

George W. Bush along with Dick Cheney will also make the game. Presidential nominee John McCain and former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin represent the rest of the Republicans. The Democrats consist of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore Joe Biden and Barrack Obama.  That would be one electricfying debate and I’m sure Obama would school them in all categories.  But then again, Palin would lead all players in rebounds, and free throws made.


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