Nintendo Releases New Donkey Kong Country Returns Trailer and Screens

We’ve been keeping tabs on Nintendo’s upcoming Donkey Kong Country Returns for quite some time now, especially after we got some hands-on time with it at the New York Comic-Con and I can honestly say all of us here at PerezStart are super exited about the return of Donkey Kong Country. Nintendo has just dropped a new trailer and screenshots to get us all hot and bothered over.

The trailer, which can be viewed below, showcases one of the hotter levels in Donkey Kong Country Returns. In fact, there’s fire at nearly every turn. Donkey and Diddy Kong make their way through the levels not only because it helps progress the story, but have you ever seen an ape and chimpanzee scorched by lava? Trust me, it shouldn’t be on your bucket list.

Be sure to check out the new trailer and screenshots below.

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