Review: The Ambition of Oda Nobuna/Oda Nobuna no Yabō

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna/Oda Nobuna no Yabō

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Action, Historical

Release Date: July 9, 2012 –September 24, 2012






The ambition of Oda is an action romantic comedy about a boy, Yoshiharu Toyotomi, who mysteriously lands in the middle of a battlefield in the sengoku era of Japan. Just like him, we have no idea of how he even ends up there. No hint of it either, which I feel is great in this case because it takes that whole quest for trying to get him home off the table and just focuses on the events in question. He’s about to be killed on the battlefield when he is saved by a unknown soldier. While managing to save his life, the soldier loses his. With one last request the soldier asks that he achieve his dream of becoming the greatest ladies man ever.

Also on the battle field Yoshiharu finds a teenage girl trying to fight off enemy soldiers. With nothing but his smart phone he plays a track off his smart phone that causes the enemy to run in terror. He soon discovers that the girl he just saved is Oda Nobuna. Being a major history gamer buff (Nobunagas Ambition), he is surprised at how different things are. For one there is no Nobunaga, and all the major generals are all beautiful women. But events are still playing out the same way in the history books, or in Yoshiharu’s case the same way they play out in his favorite video have Nobunaga’s ambition. Yoshiharu takes the opportunity to take Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s place to make up for his loss if life and help Nobuna of achieving her dream of uniting Japan. With history on his side what could possibly go wrong. Except for the fact that he has no way of getting home and all the ladies call him monkey.

This is a great historical anime, which tells a great story of Nobunaga with the twist the he is now a she. There is that love story in there but it doesn’t dominate the entire story like Inuyasha did. The portrayals of the female characters are warriors and not love sick teenagers. They are three bold and brave warriors of that era that are treated and rejected as such throughout the anime even by their male enemies. While certain characters have been changed into remakes there are still make characters that still retain their original forms. Throughout the anime, through Yoshiharu’s, they make actual historical references that did happen in order to move the story or that present a challenge to our heroes. Yoshi uses his memory of the game to help Oda make the right choices, but there adware times some creativity is needed to get the job done. As I said in the beginning, the main focus isn’t trying to get Yoshi home. Its main focus is on Oda’s quest to unite Japan.

This works because it doesn’t kill the flow of the story, nor are you watching episode after episode of failed attempts to get him home. The cast of characters in this are just as good as the main; characters such as Nagahide Niwa, the Oda clan’s chief tactician. While a good tactician, has this thing of either constantly teasing people or awarding them points for jokes, battles, ideas, etc. Then there’s Goemon Hachisuka, a ninja who swore allegiance to Toyotomi to improve get skills and go far in this world. Now she’s made that same prince with Yoshi, and watches over him and aids him in missions. A great ninja warrior but she has an inability to say long sentences, so she pauses in between sentences when she tells long stories. This anime allows for both males and females to enjoy, the historical elements are accurate and a cool part of the story. The amount of fan service to minimal, it’s done just right and comical. It is definitely an anime worth watching more than once. If I had to rate it I would give it 5 stars.


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