Star Wars in my Call of Duty 4, Galactic Warfare

Star Wars COD4

This mod made for PC was created by the Germans — the BlackMonkeys — and they’re calling it “Galactic Warfare”. Perfectly named, I say. It features real Star Wars skins over COD4 players. What’s better are the guns. Recreated from the Star Wars Galaxy, you can shoot Rebels using the storm troopers patented laser rifle, DLT-20a.

Also, the battles take place in Tatooine so be sure to look out for the sandstorms. Many people are saying that playing Battlefront II is the same thing, but obviously it’s not. Call of Duty 4 is known for it’s great handle on FPS’ and a Star Wars skin overlaying makes it better than anything BF related. And no lightsabers, thank god… everyone wants to be a Jedi but there’s only so many robes in the world.

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