Caption Contest: Brutal Legend Demo Code Giveaway

Darth Vader Guitar Hero

Force Grab doesn't always fetch what you want...

Here we are again.  Another Caption Contest to quench your ever loving thirst with an insult to injury.  But this time it’s a PSN voucher for a Brutal Legend Demo code.  Rules are simple and you can enter in two ways.

1. Funniest Caption below wins.

2. And press the “retweet” button to the right –>

For those fans following on twitter @PerezStart keep telling your friends about us since we’ll have many more giveaways in the future.  Winner will be selected on Saturday 10PM.  Good Luck To All!!

-Make sure to enter in your email address so the winner can be notified-

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Readers Comments (27)

  1. Guitar… I am your hero.

  2. What do you call a homosexual? A Vag-entarian

  3. I just sat on my Beast’s headstock!

  4. *Plays a tasty lick and screams with a very high pitch* METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and with that said, the planet earth is no more…

  5. Where are your rebel friends now? Cause we’re looking for a drummer…

  6. Are you ready to rock!!…to the Dark Side!

  7. GT: BlackHatGuy

    ‘Observe, Puny Mortal. This instrument clasped in my mighty hands is in fact one of your gigantic basses, but to me, ha!, it is no more than a ukelele! ‘

  8. METAL HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I find your lack of rock disturbing.

  10. how do I delete them? I don’t want to use the metal hands one!

  11. presidentcameron :

    how do I delete them? I don’t want to use the metal hands one!

    It’s cool, I’ll consider your 2nd comment then. Pretty funny!

    Some good one’s so far. I’ll be picking the winner later tonight 10PM EDT!

  12. ok thanks, man I can’t wait for this game, haha fighitng Snaggletooth will be the best!

  13. Why do I need a magical guitar? Sure it can call down lightning, but I got Force choke.

  14. Your Star Power is weak old man!

  15. V for Darth Vader September 19, 2009 @ 5:40 pm

    With Dark Side you can Rock the Force

  16. V for Darth Vader September 19, 2009 @ 5:57 pm

    Don’t Force me to use this!

  17. NOT SO FAST, Winner’s email is invalid. Contest is still ongoing!

    And the winner is…

    presidentcameron :I find your lack of rock disturbing.

    Congrats Presidentcameron, your code has been emailed!

    Thanks to everyone, we’ll be doing more of these “Caption Contests” soon.

  18. CORRECTION, The user has been notified but his email is bouncing back. I’ll give him until tomorrow morning 10AM EDT to come here and enter a valid email address. If not, I will pick another winner. So, please continue to enter captions just incase he does not respond..


  19. Watch My Awesome Force powers as I play this game and Destroy those ewocks.

  20. Star Wars, meet Star Power.

  21. The runner up winner was…

    knight28 :

    Are you ready to rock!!…to the Dark Side!

    Our runner up was knight28. Congrats man!

  22. out of curiousity, who actually won?

  23. the force is strong with this one

  24. for those who are about to rock! I will destroy you!!

  25. the guitar is strong with this one

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