Cosplay even has Female Asian Kratos, hmmm

Kratos Cosplay even has Female Asian Kratos, hmmm

We love Cosplay here on PerezStart.com especially with Comic-Con coming next week.  So when we have an opportunity to “flash” some pics we will.  Now I’m not sure how I feel about a female Kratos, especially Asian but if she can swing those blades of chaos instead of bamboo chopsticks then I guess she’ll do.  What’s that doofus in the background looking at.  Hey buddy, move along there’s nothing your interested in here anyway.  I haven’t seen a person wearing that much white since the Tiger Woods scandal…


pixel Cosplay even has Female Asian Kratos, hmmm


  1. babylinda

    Why does the guy in back of her look disgusted?

  2. David

    Could you please announce the Resurgence map pack winner!

  3. erodz85

    not you

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