E3 2009: PSPgo Officially Announced; Oct 1st Release at $249.99

We wrote about the PSPgo this past weekend, but it wasn’t officially announced by Sony.  Well, it seems today was the day that Sony finally gave us the lowdown on PSPgo

Known within Sony as “the worst kept secrect of E3”, the PSPgo is said to be more for the user who is on the go and doesn’t need a UMD drive.  It will not replace the PSP with UMD Drive and Sony assures consumers they will continue to manufacture and support the older PSP.  Sony says they, as well as third party publishers, will continue to enhance the content line-up in Playstation Store in preparation of the PSPgo launch this October.  According to Sony, they will begin to offer both a downloadable as well as the traditional UMD disc version of games in the future.

It will retail for $249.99 and hit North American retailers on Oct. 1, 2009 and the colors ‘Piano Black’ and ‘Pearl White’ will be made available first.

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  1. i do not think the psp go is worth it. seems like a pain….. plus you have to download games instead of buying them in a store. I’ll stick with my psp 3000

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