Free Toradora! Taiga Figure With ToraDora! PSP Game Pre-Order!


I just started watching the “ToraDora!” anime and it is too cute! Basically it revolves around a little pint size girl named ” Taiga Aisaka”, who puts up a tough image as the palm top tiger to make up for her small stature. She befriends “Ryuji” who is misjudged by his mean facial appearance but is truly a sweet heart to the core! He basically becomes her obedient dog and cooks for her, cleans, and follows her wherever she goes.

The two have their own love interests and try to help each other out gaining them. It seems like there is a little bit of a love triangle or love quad but we will see as it goes.

If you really love the anime you must get the game, that is if you are in Japan or order from a Japan site! Anywhoo, If you pre-order the PSP Toradora! game now you will get this adorable Nendoroid version of Taiga! Like most video games that come after the anime, the story line is the same as the anime. I just wish they would come out with subtitles or dubbed games as well because I would definitely pick this one up. I mean my Japanese is getting better but not that good to understand the game! You can purchase the game and figure here


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  2. I’ve tried reinstalling cfw between 5.00 m33-6 and 5.50 GEN D-3 but that still does not fix the problem. I feel like its a hardware problem. Any ideas?

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