HOT: PSP Go Details Leaked; 16GB Flash Storage and Bluetooth


[UPDATE] – With Video from Core from the PlayStation store.

Pre-E3 news breaks out over the weekend and with it news about the NEW PSP emerge.  It’s called the PSP Go and it looks amazing. We have some details of what the latest device from Sony will offer including 16GB of Flash Storage with Bluetooth and it’ll be smaller than the current version of the PSP.  And it’s a slider screen too!

The PSP Go will be available this Fall 2009 with no mention of price, yet.  While the PSP 3000 is the hardware you can pick up now on shelves, you’ll still be able to buy it after the release of the PSP Go .  Consider the PSP Go the stripped down version of PSP’s (or MORE on the go).


Screen: The PSP Go will offer a 3.8 inch screen as opposed to the 4.3 inch current PSP have today.  Comparison above.  No mention of touch-screen.

Controls: With the modification of a slider screen, the PSP Go’s controls will be below the screen compared to the left and right of the PSP-3000.  It will feature a d-pad on the left with only one analog control stick.  How will this fair with current PSP owners.


Storage: 16GB of Flash Storage makes this device 43% lighter.  You’ll be able to download digital copies of PSP games through the PlayStation store.  One huge flaw though, no UMD drive.  Which means, you won’t be able to play those discs on this new PSP unless Sony comes up with a way to do so.

Connectivity: Wi-fi will be the connection type of choice and it’s available on the PSP Go.  Along with Bluetooth.  Sony will allow user’s to connect Bluetooth devices to the PSP Go setting up possible ideas that can make tethering to a Bluetooth enabled device when wi-fi isn’t available.  Benefit would be to play online using your cellphone.  Cool!


Our View: The PSP Go will be the new kid on the block.  Yes, he may get attention due to his new look or upgraded features but lacking backwards playability will hurt the devices future from current PSP owners looking to upgrade.  Pics alone are not enough to judge the feel and look of the PSP Go and that is the reason we can only provide an overview.  For those interested, make sure you subscribe to our RSS feeds and sign up for our email newsletters.  More news when we get it.

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  1. berry berry nice. I should probably get my LCD fixed on my psp…

  2. I really hope Sony offers something to folks with games that are in the UMD format. Maybe you can register those games via their S/N or Barcode online, and be given access to that game on the PSN for download. If they do that, then I would be a happy PSP Go! owner.

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