New York Comic Con & New York Anime Fest Sharing The Same Weekend in 2010

New York Anime Fest Comic Con 2010

These two beauties under one roof? Where do I sign up?

Comic book, gaming, anime, and figurine fans who actively partake in either the New York Comic Con or New York Anime Fest will be delighted to learn that the Jacob Javits Center is going to get a lot more interesting come 2010.  Reed Exhibitors, who are the organizers behind the New York Comic Con & New York Anime Fest, announced both shows will take place at the Jacob Javits Center on October 8-10.

The reason behind the “co-lation” between the two big New York cons was due in part with the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo taking place in April.  The New York Comic Con was held in February this past year, but now organizers state October will be the New York Comic Con’s permanent date.

Con goers can expect their ticket to get them into both the New York Comic Con & New York Anime Fest.  If you buy a NYCC ticket, you can certainly attend the NYAF and vice-versa, although both cons will maintain distinct guests and programming space, but share a common show floor.  So for those of you who have had a slight interest in one or the other industry, this is a great opportunity for you to explore a bit.

Both the New York Comic Con & New York Anime Fest have seen an amazing amount of growth the past couple of years.  How exactly the organizers of both cons will fit all of that goodness into the Jacob Javits Center is something I would love to see.


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  1. Omg this is good and bad. Good because its my two loves bad because there is gonna be sweaty armpits and greasy heads every inch of me! Ahh

  2. If it’s as big as they are saying it will be then it should be a great thing. I’m hoping that it’s equal. I don’t want to walk in and the comic con huge taking up all this space and the anime fest is stuck in some little corner. They should just meld into each other without anyone noticing. Make it one big thing and change the name to NY Comics and Anime Fest. I would love to have it take over every inch of the Javits center to the point where you need a map and a navigator to get around.

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