Official: NGP Announced by Sony, Next Generation Portable

Sony's NGP

Sony’s newest portable gaming device, NGP, has been officially announced at the PlayStation Meeting 2011 in Tokyo.  NGP stands for Next Generation Portable.

It comes with:

– dual analogs sticks

– 5 inch OLED display,

– 3G and GPS,

– front and rear touchpads,

– electronic compass on 3 axes.

There are cameras on both the front and rear of the device.  There will be physical media for games, a New Game Media, a flash memory-based card. “We will also incorporate 3G networks and accessibility in addition to Wi-Fi”says Kaz Hirai

Image via Engadget

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One response to “Official: NGP Announced by Sony, Next Generation Portable”

  1. Kezins says:

    SO far, I really want one… but it just depends on what price they settle on.

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