2D -> 3D Bionic Commando looks Marvelous


Fans of the 2D NES version of Bionic Commando may need to keep the past, in the past.  It’s like the Star Wars saga especially Episode IV.  Before they “modified” Star Wars: A New Hope it was considered a masterpiece that should never be touched, fixed, corrected.  With the technologies available today, Star Wars: A New Hope can be phenominal.  Ok, enough SW talk.  Enjoy these screens for the upcoming Bionic Commando hitting shops on May 19th.

The events of the game take place ten years after the NES installment. According to Capcom’s press release, this iteration follows Nathan “RAD” Spencer, and a government operative working in the fictional Ascension City and an Operative for the Tactical Arms and Security Committee or T.A.S.C which specializes in training bionic commandos like Spencer. After he is betrayed by his own government and falsely imprisoned, the Great Bionic Purge begins.

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