4 New Maps for COD4 – Next Week, April 24th

The 4 NEW Maps are:

– Creek




I just caught a great article posted on Gaming Today for the new COD4 maps available for the US via DLC on April 24th. For our Eurpean viewers, you guys will have to wait one week more, May 1st, to experience the awesomeness. With the release of the new map packs be sure to expect some server issues as everyone who owns a PS3 will be trying to play on the new maps. Problem is they are on a shuffle schedule, and I can never tell which map is coming up next. Annoying.

In addition to the new maps being released, Infinity Ward Developers will be showcasing their talents on April 25th. You can catch them online from 8pm EDT to 11pm EDT. Oh boy, would I Like to get those Dev’s in “Shipment” and melee them with knives (to thank them of course for THE Best FPS)

“To celebrate the release of both map packs we will be hosting a Double XP weekend for North America from 12:01 AM PDT on Friday, April 25 to 11:59 PM PDT on Sunday, April 27. North American players will be able to play the new maps against members of the Infinity Ward team on Friday, April 25 from 5 PM to 8 PM PDT.

We’ll also be hosting another special Double XP and Play With Devs event for our worldwide / European users specifically. For our European fans, we will have a Double XP weekend beginning at 12:01 AM GMT on Friday, May 2 and concluding at 11:59 PM GMT on Sunday, May 4. You will also get a chance to play the new maps against the IW team on Friday, May 2 from 7 PM GMT to 10 PM GMT. That way you guys aren’t left out due to conflicting time zones!”

Via IAMfourzerotwo

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