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  1. » 4 New Maps for COD4 - Next Week, April 24th

    […] Lonely Reviewer.com wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt The 4 NEW Maps are: – Creek – Broadcast – Killhouse – Chinatown I just caught a great article posted on Gaming Today for the new COD4 maps available for the US via DLC on April 24th. For our Eurpean viewers, you guys will have to wait one week more, May 1st, to experience the awesomeness. With the release of the new map packs be sure to expect some server issues as everyone who owns a PS3 will be trying to play on the new maps. Problem is they are on a shuffle schedule, and I can neve […]

  2. DigtalCracHead

    Everything around COD 4 has been great. They really did a good job with the maps. We are packed every weekend with this game. Two thumbs up!

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    […] fans are getting their dosage of Double XP a week before the PS3 folks.  Call of Duty 4’s new maps will also be on sale though XBox Live for 400 Microsoft points. That’s not all, InfinityWard has […]

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