Activision Gives Us “10 Reasons You Must Have” Prototype

Activision released a new trailer promoting their upcoming title Prototype today that, quite frankly, is a little blunt.  Most trailers I’ve seen have a single focus and keep the entire video focused on the subject.  Prototype is so full of badd-assery that they can comfortably give you 10 reasons why you should go to your local retailer come June 2009 and plunk down $60 bucks and change for Prototype.

If I had to pick a favorite number from the video, it would definitely have to be #4. “Stealth Kill + Patsy” has got to be one of the greatest ideas ever in a video game.  To be able to take the shape of your enemy, and then to turn around and accuse another enemy that they are indeed Alex Mercer, and then have him shot and killed on sight just warms my heart at the thought of all the evil deeds I can do in the game.

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