Ali vs. Tyson, Fight Night Round 4 Cover Revealed

fight_night_round_4_coverMaking his first video game appearance on an EA sports video game, Mike Tyson will be one of the two fighters on the new cover of Fight Night Round 4.  Muhammad Ali will join Tyson on this highly anticipated release.   Mike Tyson had this to say:

“I’m honored to be on the cover of Fight Night Round 4 with Ali. He was a special champ, and I have the highest respect for him as a person and a fighter” said Tyson. “People always ask me if I think I would have beaten Ali if I had the chance to fight him when we were both in our prime. Now you can figure it out for yourselves. Fight Night puts you right in that ring and gives you the gloves to settle the score.”

PerezStart Fact – Capcom’s US Street Fighter Balrog, was based off Mike Tyson.

– US Balrog is M. Bison in Japan

– US Vega is Balrog in Japan

– US M. Bison is Vega in Japan

The African-American boxer was named M. Bison in Japan (with the “M” being an initial for “Mike”), since he was designed after boxer Mike Tyson. When Street Fighter II was released overseas, the names of the bosses were rotated, fearing that the character of “M. Bison” resembled Mike Tyson to the point of likeness infringement, but also because Capcom USA’s marketing team believed that “Vega” was a “weak-sounding name” for the game’s final opponent.

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