Assassin’s Creed II Developer Diary Gives Us A Deeper Look At Ezio

Assassin's Creed II Developer Diary 1Assassin’s Creed II will follow a new protagonist, Ezio, who is another one of the Desmond’s ancestors.  Ubisoft released the first of their developer diaries, with the focus of this video primarily on Ezio.

We learn from this developer’s diary that Ezio’s name in Italian stands for ‘Eagle’ or ‘The Flying One’, which seems like will be an ongoing trend as Altair also stood for ‘Eagle’ or ‘The Flying One’.  We also learn later on in the diary that Ezio’s journey early on is squarely on revenge for those who were once close friends with his family, but then turn on them.  From his thirst for vengeance, his purpose changes to do what’s right and just.

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