Back Online, PlayStation Network Error 8001050F Fixed

PSN Back Online

While there has been no official word from Sony PlayStation, the good news is the PlayStation Network (PSN) is back up.  Logging into the PSN, there are no noticeable defects.  You should be able to log-in right into the PSN like nothing ever happened.  For those of us on the east coast, your gaming (assuming you went to work today) was delayed by only 2 hours. staff has logged into the PSN and everything seems to be OK on the 60GB and 40GB models.  Fortunately, the PS3 Slim
did not suffer from the outbreak…

We’ll be sure to let you know, what exactly was done to fix the issue.  For now, log-in to the PSN and if you have received any follow up error messages, we want to know about them.  Post your issues in the comments below.  Xbox 360 gamers, please leave your fanboy comments at the door.  No one wants to hear “Xbox Live never goes down”.  For a service your paying for, I should hope not.

The PlayStaion Network is now online.

image via Kotaku

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67 responses to “Back Online, PlayStation Network Error 8001050F Fixed”

  1. PSN=RecoveryPepper says:

    I got on bout 9 in ohio and it worked. Beats havn the whole sytem break unlike xbox and there 90% failure rate. PS3 FTW 🙂

  2. Megalodon says:

    I still have the error that says. “PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance”
    I cant log in, I can only go back. any opinions of what i can do? just be constructive please. Thanks

  3. :( :( :( :( :( says:

    I can’t log in it still says undergoing maintenance 🙁
    i really hope that it is soon fully fixed

  4. Gig says:

    you are full of shit the psn is not back up andrun. asshole

  5. shay says:

    this is almost a yearr ago….

  6. shay says:

    wait…it is a yearr ago ! not date says march of 2010 -.- lmao

  7. shay says:


  8. Brood says:

    it say undergoing maintenance i hope we can play soon!

  9. FRZ says:

    are we gonna get anything for freee ??? like 50 $ card to buy stuff or something because i think we should all get something for this SMFH -___- not a good look if we dont………

  10. Ugh says:

    Dude , you guys are so stupid and dumb.
    This was 1 year ago March 1, and your expecting this is todays?
    tsk and you guys. So dumb.

  11. Jimmy says:

    i think they should have more infomation. i still like psn. but i think we should get free stuff from the playstation store. im still in favor of playstation.

  12. trent says:

    u guys suck it is not up u liers i have been waiting to play call of duty black ops for weeks now com on

  13. trent says:

    its still not working in illinos

  14. c1lotta says:

    playstation is still down,im tryin to spend some money,dont let bill gates out do you guys.

  15. c1lotta says:

    still not workin in south florida

  16. aaaaa says:

    I dont know whats more wrong people saying psn is up when its not or psn being down buntcha tards still not up in ny

  17. erodz85 says:

    Why are you people still commenting on this thread? this was written over a year ago… Idiots

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