Battlefield 1943 Hitting XBLA On July 8; PSN On July 9

Battlefield 1943 Launch Date

If you’re as big a Battlefield fan as we are, then you’ll be delighted to know EA has just released the official date for the launch of Battlefield 1943.  You can expect to fight in all out war this summer on July 9th.

Battlefield 1943 will retail for 1200 MS points and $15 on the Playstation Network and it’ll be the first Battlefield downloadable game in the series, which should weigh in at approx. 560mb.  The game will include four maps that allows players to run, drive, or fly across with a number of land, air, and sea vehicles at the ready.  A fifth map will be unlocked as part of a worlwide community challenge once players worldwide reach a total of 43 million kills on both Xbox Live & Playstation Network.

With the Frostbite engine running, you can expect a totally new experience in Battlefield 1943 that allows destructible environments that will keep you on your toes as you’re battling through the game.  With up to 24 players fighting, you can expect one hell of a fight.

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