Battlefield 3: First Gameplay Screenshot

One game that I am definitely looking forward to is Battlefield 3.  I was burnt out on COD long ago and even though we live in a sea of FPS games, there’s still a small void to fill.  Bad Company 2 was an awesome game in my opinion, and I hope they stick to the Battlefield formula with this one.  The first actual gameplay screenshot (above) from Battlefield 3 has surfaced and it looks pretty good.  We’re really looking forward to the screenshots coming our way in the near future.

Via The Mind Channel

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2 responses to “Battlefield 3: First Gameplay Screenshot”

  1. bill hicks says:

    Great, a screenshot that was part of the only video released by EA last week. Idiots.

  2. Carlos says:

    You are so late to post about this it’s not even funny… Fail

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