Battlefield 3: Top 10 Multiplayer Tips

With a game with so many different weapons and abilities to unlock, it can be hard to know which items and tactics are the most effective, particularly if you’re new to the Battlefield series. This article looks to share some of the coolest ways I’ve found to succeed in Battlefield 3’s multiplayer, whether by helping out your team or accruing a sick kill-death spread yourself. Let’s get right into it, soldier!

1. The Assault’s M26 MASS Shotgun

One of the best unlocks for Assaults comes pretty early, at just 38,000 points. It’s the M26 MASS shotgun, a cool secondary weapon that you can equip instead of the grenade launcher. It’s one of the most quiet and powerful shotguns, often getting one hit kills at close range. This makes it ideal for flanking and dispatching groups of enemies; perfect for Rush or Conquest if you can get behind enemy lines.

2. Getting the Vehicle Unlocks

Having trouble getting the vehicle unlocks? It isn’t too hard in a tank, but for jets and helicopters it can be extremely difficult to get flying with the prevalence of anti-air missiles from both infantry on the ground and other aerial opponents. If you’re in a jet, try to score points quickly by strafing infantry on the ground, or escaping to the upper reaches of the map before swooping down on an unsuspecting jet or helicopter. If you’re in a helicopter, either go for infantry kills or just land next to points in conquest to capture them.

3. Mobile Spawn Points

Mobile spawn points are among the most useful abilities in the game, allowing instant reinforcement to the front lines. To allow them to work to their full potential, keep a few things in mind: If you lay it down outside, your team will spawn via parachute in the air. If the roof is covered (e.g. you’re inside or in a box) then they’ll just spawn instantly. If you’re trying to reach the roof of a building then, just put the beacon down just outside. If you’re trying to spawn covertly, hide the beacon in a container or small room.

4. The Engineer’s EOD Bot

The engineer’s EOD robot is more than just a mobile repair tool for tanks. It can also be used to injure enemy tanks and personnel and arm/disarm M-COMs. Take advantage of its small stature to stealthily perform these tasks. Whilst you’re using the EOD bot you won’t be able to defend yourself, so make sure to hide somewhere before you begin.

5. The Recon’s MAV

The Recon’s MAV is another brilliant class unlock, with a much higher potential for points than the engineer’s EOD. It’s essentially a flying, unarmed drone with an infared camera that makes it very easy to spot enemies. By pressing the Spot button on the drone, you’ll be revealing the enemy to your teammates, and due to the zoomable infared camera this becomes quite easy. Just get to a good elevation and keep busy – you’ll get thousands of points on a good round, with more if you hide near a conquest control point or in a forward position so your squad can spawn on you.

6. How To Shiv People Effectively

I’ve seen a lot of posters complain about the knife in Battlefield 3, and I’m guessing most of their complaints stem from not knowing how it works, which is different from both of its predecessors in Battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2. From the front, the knife does minimal damage, requiring multiple strikes to kill. From the back or sides, your character will perform an instant-kill move. Sometimes you can misjudge the distance and have the attack fail, but with practice this will become a very rare occurrence.

7. Adjusting Firing Modes

You can adjust your firing mode by pressing V. This will change between fully automatic, burst, and semi automatic fire, depending on what is available on that particular weapon. Burst and semi automatic fire can be incredibly useful for taking down enemies at range, and will allow you to compete against snipers by allowing your weapon’s recoil to subside between shots.

8. Using a Silencer

Using a silencer will drastically increase your survival rate, allowing you to maintain longer kill streaks and sneak into enemy areas undetected. Battlefield 3 is the first game in the series in which firing an un-silenced weapon places you on the mini-map, so this might catch some Battlefield veterans off. In addition to silenced primary weapons, you can also kill silently will silenced pistols and knives.

9. Playing an Aggressive Recon

If you’d like to play the Recon class more aggressively (rather than sniping from the spawn location), then try taking the sniper rifle off of your rifle and attacking at close range. Although you’re more likely to die, if you’re a good shot you can make the most of the rifle’s power and accuracy to quickly kill enemies with headshots at medium ranges. If you’ve got a silencer equipped on a semi-automatic rifle, you can do quite well.

10. Using Infrared Scopes

Infrared scopes are so good that they are bound to be nerfed soon. They are typically unlocked quite late into a given weapon’s progression, e.g. around 100 kills, but provide unparalleled combat effectiveness, whether on a sniper rifle or an assault rifle, by making enemies incredibly easy to see at all ranges. They also work in all environments, proving equally adept at the dark tunnels of Metro or the long expanses of Kharg.


That’s all for now – why not write your own multiplayer tips in the comments? You can also reach me on Twitter or add me in-game on Battlelog.

This article was written by William Judd. William writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of Krusell iPhone cases and the HTC Desire S case.

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