Big Sister on Cover for Upcoming Bioshock 2

gi bioshock2 251x300 Big Sister on Cover for Upcoming Bioshock 2GameInformer’s April cover shows the recently rumored Big Sister making her debut.  Within the magazine, there will be a 10-page spread with tons of exclusive info and art on the return to Rapture. As the player returns the underwater city, the Big Sister awaits you.

We’re excited for this upcoming title, and we’ll be sure to follow this story as more news/teasers are released.  Oh and by the way, Yes, there IS a new teaser on Bioshock 2′s site.


pixel Big Sister on Cover for Upcoming Bioshock 2


  1. erodz85

    Got this issue in the mail yesterday… Great article, and definately a Must Play game. Goin to pick up Bioshock this week, but 2 will definately be worth the wait.

  2. mrjuandrful

    I still have Bioshock in the wrapper… :(

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