BioShock 2 Multiplayer Details Revealed; Digital Extremes At The Helm


2K Games announced today the first multiplaer details for BioShock 2.  The multiplayer component will allow players to experience the world of Rapture before and during its inevitable decline.  The story of how Rapture was overtaken by the ocean will also be experienced by players who play through the multiplayer component.

The game will be experience based (similar to that of the recent Call of Duty entires & Gears of War 2).  Players will unlock new weapons, Plasmids, and Tonics, which can be combined to create hundreds of different character combinations.  The multiplayer portion of BioShock 2 will be handled by Digital Extremes, who have worked on the Unreal franchise, the PS3 version of BioShock 3, and Dark Sector.  Let’s all pray they don’t make the multiplayer as bad as Dark Sector’s.

How do you guys feel about this news? I recall when BioShock came out, there was a huge issue over the game being a single-player only experience.  Now that there will be multiplayer in BioShock 2, it seems there’s a huge issue for the game having multiplayer as gamers feel it may tarnish their ideas of what BioShock meant to them.  Feel free to voice your opinion if you like / dislike the idea of multiplayer in BioShock 2.

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