Bioshock 2 Teaser Site Launches


Leaving us with very little, you can see that the Bioshock 2 teaser has hit the web.  Displaying 3 pictures, you can see a miniature doll looking like a LBP sackboy using a baseball for a head and push pins as part of the mask.  Just taking small notes I picked up on, you can see the letter was dated in 1967, 7 years AFTER Bioshock 1.  So we at least “think”, it’s not a prequel.  Check out the teaser here.

Here’s some text from the letter (highlight between the [ ] below to see some “possible” spoiler info):

[The image shows a blood-stained invitation on top of a letter. It reads: “You are cordially invited to return to Rapture”. The letter has Mr. T written on it, rest of the name covered by the invitation.]

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