Breaking: Watch it, Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Revealed!


[UPDATE] – The trailer for ‘Modern Warfare 2’ was cut short on TNT in error.  For sure, someone will be pink slipped for this.

For those who caught a glimpse of the ‘Modern Warfare 2’ trailer during the NBA Eastern Finals, I hope you were as entertained as I was.  For those who missed it, PerezStart has you covered.  Call of Duty 6 it is NOT, Modern Warfare 2 for those who didn’t know… now you know!  And let me simply tell you, this trailer is “Amazing”!

I particularly enjoyed the rope climbing up through the building scene.  I actually got that weird feeling you get in your lower stomach when you feel a dramatic increase or decrease in altitude… barf… Enjoy!

Modern Warfare 2’s release date is 11/10/09.  It can’t some soon enough…


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Readers Comments (9)

  1. …EPIC…

  2. WTF!!!!, The trailer was aired on TNT but it was unexpectedly cut short. Someone WILL be FIRED!!!


  4. lol yup robert bowling was NOT very happy…heres his tweet
    fourzerotwo Holy Epic Fail! TNT cut the trailer short at 30 secs! I can’t believe this… slipping into anger fueled coma….. fading… fading… gone


    fourzerotwoWhile TNT failed us, Twitter has not. Help spread the word that you can watch the unTNT aka uncut version at #MW2

  5. hell to the yeah!

  6. Stupid ass local Cable Co – plays maybe 30 seconds of the thing AND THEN PLAYS A 2 MIN PROMO SLATE OF REPETITIVE COMMERCIALS I’M SICK OF SEEING IN THE PLAYOFFS????

    WTF? Go Cable Jackasses! What idiot pushed that button and then let it ride so we barely see anything? And it wasn’t even a slate of local crappy commercials, it’s the same pure shit they’ve been playing until my eyes bleed every time I watch the Cavs go on TNT! Why? Why did I need that after sitting for 3 quarters? I mean I gotta take a leak like it’s going out of style, I prep for the end of the 3rd period to go and it’s ‘stay tuned for Modern Warfare 2 trailer coming RIGHT NOW’. So I sit, I start watching going ‘damnnnnnn, that IS sweet even though I wasn’t too thrilled with CoD5’ and boom – larger than life, even though that’s impossible considering how fat he is AND the size of his ego, I gotta hear Charles ‘I’m to sexy for my own fat-ass, loud-mouthed, can’t commentate or predict jack *&#$ self’ Barkley do 30 more seconds of my life I can’t get back.

    At that point I was just about to whiz on myself just seeing his stupid ass.


    Thank you 1UP, while I ain’t thrilled with your stunt killing EGM without just cause you’ve made up a little ground having this here so at least I get to SEE it!

  7. @VGROnline
    Umm, I think you mean “PerezStart” instead of “1UP”…

  8. Here in Cincinnati, the commercial was cut short on the TNT-HD channel but I quickly switched to the non-HD TNT channel and it was still playing and ran the full commercial there. This was when they announced the ‘world premere’ at I think the 3rd quarter. However, right at the end of the game, TNT-HD did air the commercial again in its full glory.

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