Breaking Lips, Eye Sockets, and Nose Cartilage in ‘Facebreakers’


If you’re looking for the next ‘Illegally stuffed gloves’ ‘FUN’ boxing game, Facebreakers, for the PS3, Wii, and X360, is it.  It has the style of Ready 2 Rumble with the same team that developed Fight Night Round 3.  Rumor has it that ‘Facebreakers’ was the reason Nintendo is “supposedly” working on Punch Out!!! Wii.  We’ve supplied some screens that promise good graphics with scary looking characters.  That Papa Shango guy gives me the heebie jeebies.


In this in-your-face, arcade world full of ego-wielding characters, each boxer comes to life with unique attributes and distinct personal style, including Romeo, a Latin lover known for his pelvic thrusts, and Molotov, an oversized Russian demolitions expert with a penchant for fighting dirty. Add a little personal motivation to your fight by uploading a photo of your face to create a realistic likeness using Photo Game Face, and go toe-to-toe with a real-life friend or foe.

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