Brett Favre and Michael Vick Added, Official Madden 10 Roster Updates

Brett Favre

Brett Favre (Overall: 82) and Michael Vick (Overall: 73) WILL be added to the latest Madden 10 Roster.  They’re up now on XBL and PSN. This news comes days after speculation that Michael Vick’s addition to Madden 10 may not happen due to his previous issues.  But don’t fear any longer, the Roster Update is coming and we’ve listed what additions and changes will be made based on Pre-season performances and Training Camp as well.

Michael Vick

Brett Favre’s Madden NFL 10 Ratings Breakdown:

Overall: 82

Throw Power: 93

Throw Accuracy: 79

Short Accuracy: 77

Mid Accuracy: 79

Deep Accuracy: 81

Play Action: 82

Throw on the Run: 72

Awareness: 85

Speed: 60

Agility: 60

Injury: 90

Michael Vick’s Madden NFL 10 Ratings Breakdown:

Overall: 73

Throw Power: 93

Throw Accuracy: 69

Short Accuracy: 70

Mid Accuracy: 64

Deep Accuracy: 69

Play Action: 66

Throw on the Run: 95

Awareness: 65

Speed: 90

Agility: 94

Acceleration: 92

Elusiveness: 92

Juke Move: 92

Spin Move: 93

Ball Carrier Vision: 95

Carrying: 44

Check out the rest of the changes below:

Here’s the full list of moves made in the current roster update:

  • Brandon Williams (DAL) jersey number update to 59
  • Mike Mickens (DAL) jersey number update to 33
  • Cornelius Ingram (PHI) added to IR
  • Graham Harrell removed from FA
  • Mike McGlynn added to Eagles
  • Mike Gibson removed (lower on depth chart)
  • Bernard Scott Jersey change to 28
  • Rashad Jeanty jersey change to 53
  • Kenny Watson removed from Bengals
  • DeDe Dorsey added to Bengals
  • Daniel Coats moved to TE (from FB)
  • Jeremei Johnson made #1 FB
  • Marcus Smith removed from Ravens
  • Justin Harper added to Ravens
  • Shawn Murphy added to Dolphins
  • Joe Berger added to Dolphins
  • Gary Barnidge to #2 TE in CAR
  • Mike Goodson added to KR (CAR)
  • Marlon Favorite added to CAR
  • Moved Roy Williams to starting SS (CIN)
  • Brandon Chillar added to Packers
  • Danny Lansanah removed from Packers (low on depth chart)
  • Jarrett Bush removed (too low at FS Depth) – GB
  • Added SS Anthony Smith to GB
  • Jeff Webb cut from KC (to FA)
  • Added Terrance Copper to KC
  • Ellis Lankster added to Bills (D Florence removed – too low on depth)
  • Ryan Torain cut from DEN
  • Added Myron Pryor to NEW
  • Put LeKevin Smith on DEN (traded from NEW)
  • Chris Baker added to Denver
  • Mark Simoneau added to IR
  • Marvin Mitchell to MLB2
  • Added Brice McCain to Texans
  • Removed David Pittman (low on depth)
  • Added Samkon Gado to STL #2 HB
  • Removed Antonio Pittman from STL (too low on depth)
  • Derrick Harvey moved to RE1, Quentin Groves to RE2, Reggie Hayward to LE1 in JAX
  • Moved Jared DeVries to IR (DET)
  • Ray Rice moved to HB1, McGahee to HB2
  • Moved Chris Chester to starting RG (BALT)
  • Tim Anderson cut from DAL
  • Chris Williams to starting RT (CHI)
  • Corey Graham moved back to CB
  • Tyler Reed removed from CHI (too low on depth)
  • Brandon Rideau added to CHI
  • Made Devin Hester #1 WR (CHI)
  • Derrick Burgess jersey changed to 49 (NEW)
  • Jason David released from Saints
  • Andre Brown added to IR (NYG)
  • Rhett Bomar added to NYG roster
  • Daniel Muir added to Colts
  • Moved Keyunta Dawson to LE2, Raheem Brock to RE2
  • Dante Hughes added to Colts
  • Michael Coe removed from Colts (too low on depth)
  • Added Anthony Waters to Saints at LOLB2
  • Removed Stanley Arnoux from Saints (injury)
  • Removed Dan Campbell from Saints (IR)
  • Added Darnell Dinkins to Saints
  • Jaymar Johnson added to Vikings
  • Glenn Holt removed from Vikings (too low on depth)
  • Removed Michael Pittman from FA
  • Removed Koren Robinson from FA
  • Removed Tatum Bell from FA
  • Removed Mike Doss from FA
  • Added Aundrae Allison to NYJ
  • Added John Carney to Saints
  • Don Carey released from Browns
  • Removed Damion Cook from Lions (IR)
  • Removed Toniu Fonoti from Lions
  • Removed Ramzee Robinson (low on depth)
  • Added William James to Lions
  • Added Shaun Smith to Lions
  • Removed Andre Fluellen from Lions (too low on depth)
  • Removed Casey Fitzsimmons from Lions (too low on depth)
  • Added Jason Hunter to Lions
  • Moved Ikaika Alama-Francis to DT (DET)
  • Removed Alex Buzbee from Redskins (too low on depth)
  • Added Chris Wilson to Redkins
  • Moved Lorenzo Alexander to LE (WAS)
  • Removed Eddie Williams (WAS)
  • Added Anthony Montgomery (WAS)
  • Added Allen Rossum to 49ers

Rating Adjustments (based on Preseason and Training Camps):

  • Chris Simms – 70 OVR (was 68)….+2
  • Kyle Orton – 73 OVR (was 74)….-1
  • David Harris – 79 OVR (was 74)….+5
  • Aaron Brown – 67 OVR (was 64)…+3
  • Haloti Ngata – 92 OVR (was 90)…+2
  • Kelly Gregg – 83 OVR (was 77)…+6…(Gregg recently named Top 10 Overall DT in NFL according to Scouts Inc. – #8 overall.)
  • Darren Sproles – 83 OVR (was 85)….-2
  • Leon Washington – 80 OVR (was 79)….+1
  • Ryan Harris – 85 OVR (was 74)…+11…severely underrated OL, Denver actually ranked as #3 and #1 against the run and pass.
  • Ben Hamilton – 85 OVR (was 81)…+4…also a big part of that #3 overall Denver OL in 2008
  • Ryan Clady – 91 OVR (was 90)…+1…see above…some already call him #1 LT in NFL
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